xylab technologies

its a journey recorder & a data provision system for safety & security


safaricam is a multifunctional data recorder installed on a vehicle that captures all vehicular activities, stores on a local storage then transmits to a remote server wirelessly through the carrier networks. Intelligent sensors are embedded inside to capture events such as crashes, speed, date & time, global positioning etc. It also captures human activities of drivers & passengers such as careless driving,vehicle usage & operations,conversations,carjacking,etc. This information is immediately disseminated to the relevant parties for appropriate & timely response.
This initiative is aimed at addressing vehicle related incidents such as traffic accidents,careless driving,police harassment, staff inefficiency,insurance fraud,criminal activities such as carjacking, kidnapping, abduction, robberies, terrorism etc. It also acts as a deterrent to careless driving & carjacking.
It bridges the gap between research,policy & practice by equipping policy makers with accurate information for decision making.

Safaricam provides accurate information to all vehicle owners, operators and other stakeholders affected by traffic incidents,insecurity & mismanagement. We solve this problem by continuously monitoring their assets so as to analyze, evaluate & mitigate operational risks thereby saving lives, time, money & other resources.

Our target segments are
-fleet based schools & other learning institutions to monitor how students are driven.
-fleet based companies, institutions & organizations
-Driving schools to monitor driver training approaches
& keep visual records of all students training & performance
-Public Service Vehicles to monitor driver behaviour & also ensure passenger safety & security from carjackers
-Tour companies
-car hire
-taxis & cabs
-security companies eg cash in transit
-rally cars
-Government vehicles
-Road rescue& emergency service providers

Other potential users can be
- Motor insurance companies
_Government agencies like EACC, KRA,TLB,KNBS, Security Agents,investigators
Others can be the aviation , marine & the railways sector