Part-time Personel On-Demand!



This service came to me after I had to be at work and the househelp decided to elope with some random guy with just a few minutes notice. I desperately needed a babysitter who understood kids. I had nowhere to go as most other locally based job services only handle full-time employment. A few weeks after that, I got downsized and thought I should do some part time media production jobs but it was alot of work just to get back the connections I once had. My wife kept reminding me of it and also began assisting me in enhancing it once I caved in. We came up with the name, mission, design, a few policies and more. Mentioning it to a few people caused enough buzz to assure us of our path. This service is all rounded and does not hold bias over any sector. All skills that are legal under state laws can be enlisted and then the profiles marketed via sharing online and on ground via word of mouth as well. The 'temp' workforce then gets endorsed by his\her current employer with WAZI points which can be redeemed and used to reward the WAZI members after a period of time and target as set by the members themselves. WAZI KAZI engages with the workers, clients and product companies so as to develop a balance and mutual development among the three as well as WAZI KAZI itself.