We are an online platform connecting Kenyan makers in cottage industry with the online market.



While there exist small to medium Kenyan makers who make high quality authentic products most consumers are unware of this or clueless at where to find such makers and buy their products. This results in a disconnect between the makers and their potential customers.
We are building an online platform to connect the two while staying true to authenticity and quality. We aim to make it easy for makers to showcase and sell their products online solving payment and deliveries.
Whats sets us apart is our exclusivity to Kenyan makers and their products and our love and passion for Kenyan crafted items from Fashion, House-hold, interior decor furnitures, footware and many others.
We are enhancing the customer experience on our platform by building a powerful search engine that makes it effortless to find items, this is complemented by a rating and recomendation system that improves discovery of new products.
All this put together makes it easy for the consumer to find, discover, purchase and finally receive the item of interest. She will have confidence in the item due to our robust rating and review system.