Wanjiku INC.

Transforming Professional & Corporate Dreams into Authentically Epic & Iconic REALITIES.



Imagine UR Life ~
If ‘U’ had the freedom to pursue your dreams, the energy to do what ‘U’ were born to do with the time & inspiration to step up, show up & rise up to the best version of ‘UR’ greatest vision?

What would it take to plug into the best version of the greatest ‘U’?

Wouldn't it be Great, to have a Corporate Wellness PARTNER who Customizes Wellness Solutions that Genuinely Fuel Companies to Excecute their Missions & Visions with Brilliance?

This is my World, I Color The World With LIFE~

As a Wellness Strategist, Motivational Coach, Rotarian & Well-Being Ambassador of LIFE, I Transform professional & corporate dreams into Authentically Epic & Iconic Realities. One Size should NEVER fit ALL & thus I Deliberately Design & Deliver uniquely packaged & customized wellness solutions that inspire & empower professionals to plug-in, create & personify the Ultimate Version of their Greatest Vision through Transformational Coaching.
My clients Enjoy customized Wellness Solutions that inspire & empower them to plug-in and~
*Be Genuinely Fueled by their Missions, daily executing their Visions Brilliantly.
* Set Huge Audacious Goals (HAGs) that Breathe Life, Energy & Passion into their Souls producing Spectacular OUTCOMES.
* Be Insanely Great High Performers & Phenomenal Producers of Deep Value.
* Be the Titans is in their Field.
* Ultimately, Creating a Amazingly Authentic, Epic & Iconic Life.

Corporate Wellness COACHING ~ Color 'UR' World with LIFE.