UsoPay is an easy to use money transfer application for registered facebook

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With the high costs of remittance money delivery, UsoPay intends to give the service at reduced and favorable rates. Using Facebook as our mother platform, you will have to be a member of Facebook so as to attain the services. You can directly chat with the intended receptor of the money. the following are some of our project objectives:
1. Establish a universally standard billing scheme for transactions and services offered. i.e Everyone pays a standard rate, regardless of where they are from.
2. Concrete implementation of supporting laws for electronic payment systems.
3. Acceptance of electronic documents as evidence in legal proceedings and business transactions.
4. Establish standards and guidelines for the observance of applicable laws to reduce payment providers’ operation costs
5. Establishing common guidelines and standards for payment service providers.
6. Develop payment systems which promote international trade and investment between Africa and the rest of the world