Under 1000 Ksh

Affordable Online Shopping



www.under1000ksh.com is an online retail store that deals with unique consumer products that range from clothing,shoes,baby items,games,room organizers,sports items and services which include tattoo,dancing lessons,web hosting, baby sitting,consulting etc. services that cost less than ksh 1000.
The products on the shop are owned by the shop but the service section has user generated content and its run by the community, i.e someone can post a services that they can offer for ksh 1000 or less and some else will subscribe to that service. This will make the website to be more social and interactive.

Why its Hot.
1) Our site has the potential of being extremely addictive and Contiguous due to the wide range of products products offered at crazy discount prices.
2) Services section with user generated content so that the community can offer services and skills at a cost of ksh1000 and make money
i.e dancing lessons,babysitting,graphic designs etc

The Money.
1)The website makes money form selling products on the shop .
2)The website will also make money from the service section by charging a commission on the services offered.
3)The website will also make money by issuing verifications to people who offer certain service thus the consumer will trust them more.
4)Due the huge number of traffic the website will also make money from advertising specific products by specific manufactures.