Uhasibu is Kenya's best online accounting package developed specifically for SMEs in East Africa.



Uhasibu is a cloud based accounting package developed specifically for small and medium companies in East Africa. Supporting the local legislation and the work-flows actually used in East Africa.

Using Uhasibu financial management becomes more efficient, freeing up resources that can be re-deployed on the actual business.

Uhasibu seeks to become the most relevant accounting package in the East African region, delivering improved financial management and ease of regional trade for SMEs.

Having launched Uhasibu our award winning cloud based accounting system in 2011 we have just recently launched ezPayslip an application that complements Uhasibu.

ezPayslip is a complete payroll management system complete with simple HR functionality. Again cloud based to better fit the cash flows of SME’s while offering the unique ability to integrate with various government institutions directly hereby making it extremely simple to submit the required returns.