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UBI is a software development company that develops computer vision technology for mobile devices.



SMS has changed the way we do business in Kenya. It is used to send and receive money, tickets, vouchers and many other applications. However, despite its convenience the verification process is still quite crude. You have probably paid for a service or bought goods via SMS where you had to hold up the queue for the transaction to be verified. Or bought a ticket and you still had to produce your ID at the entrance for manual verification through a database.
Our solution reduces the amount of manual input and verification required for SMS transactions hence increases productivity and frees up personnel for more value-generating activities. We strongly believe that this cumbersome verification process is due for disruption.
What’s Unique and Different About Our Solution
Our solution involves replacing manual database queries with a simple SMS ‘barcode’ that is scanned at the point of redemption. This ‘barcode’ can be delivered and redeemed from any mobile phone that can receive SMS. It works much like NFC, only this time it’s SMS.
At the core of our system is advanced computer vision and learning. We have built a self learning system that instantly finds, extracts and verifies our specially encrypted code with 100% accuracy on any mobile phone that can receive SMS. On average, it takes about 3 seconds to verify the SMS. There are no false positives
What Differentiates Us From Available Technology?
While NFC, barcodes and QR Codes can achieve the same thing the seamless delivery of SMS and its ubiquity give it the upper hand especially in an emerging market like Kenya. Users do not need apps,

How It Helps
The solution can be used in several industries. Here are some applications:
Retailers can have self serve on-boarding into their loyalty program. This eliminates the long and tedious application process used in most retail outlets. By reducing the amount of on-boarding process friction, retailers can increase sign ups and reduce the high abandonment rates. Retailers can also use the same platform to send targeted discount coupons to customers that can be redeemed at the point of sale.
Events and Access Control
Event organizers need not incur printing and distribution costs. Tickets and passes are delivered as tokens to the attendees mobile phones. Below are the benefits:
• Instant ticket delivery
• Instant verification at point of entry
• Low Cost
• Real time analytics for purchases and attendance
• Fraud Prevention
Banks can run an MNO independent mobile money service. All the customer needs is to request for an SMS token that will act as a virtual card. It will work just as the card system does, only without the need for a card. The token will be scanned at the POS with our device to initiate the transaction.