Uber Duka

A crowd-curated social marketplace that helps people discover great products from amazing stores.



In most e-commerce websites, discovery and people's interest are not a point of focus when presenting products to people. They focus rather on availability and offers. We're building a shopping environment around social interaction, where people discover new stuff and how to get them, from people within a community who have shared interests. We're giving people the ability to curate their own product catalogs to save and share their favorite products and where to get them from with people in their social circles on uber duka and elsewhere. As a standalone product, users can save their favorite products from around the web or from physical stores (by taking pics and uploading) for later purchase and/or reference in blog posts, shares or recommendations. We feature the best and most unique products on the home page. Our editors decide what is featured and also add the type and quality of products that serve as a standard of quality for products within the categories we cover. These categories are art, accessories, gadgets, clothing and footwear, with room to expand. We aim to start selling what we feature and also add a merchant platform for guys with brands and stores to list and sell their stuff. We're looking to fuel impulsive buying by featuring the type of products people lust for enough that even though they may not have the money to buy, they keep scrolling, looking, favoriting and sharing. And those who do have money, those newly paid guys with little expenses and a lot of disposable income, simply can't help themselves, they indulge. On top of that there's the community and the social circles people create on uber duka that keep them engaged. If fancy and twitter had a baby, uber duka would be the baby's name.