An online portal that allows transpor-tseekers find their preferred transport vehicle conveniently



People looking for transport vehicles go through a lot of hustle when looking for a lorry for instance to carry load from one point to another especially building materials. They encounter brokers who ask them for some money so that they can connect them with the truck driver or truck owner, so it ends up being an expensive endeavor for the transport seekers who have to walk and take time finding the right transport that is pocket friendly to them. Transi254 solves this by mapping the vehicles in different locations thus enabling transport seekers to find their preferred transport vehicle, according to their budget from whatever location from the comfort of there mobile devices or computer thus saving them money and time they would have used to walk around looking for a vehicle to transport their commodities as it will be free for them. Transi254 will also cater for truck owners by listings their vehicles and details, with these they will get clients through our platform and thus they will generate revenue and also keep truck of the destinations their trucks have gone.