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A wireless wearable medical device



The brand product of the company is called an anti-smothering kit (ASK). It is a device that uses various bio-sensing techniques to meet the intended need. It aims at reducing infant mortality rates worldwide especially due to choking in infants. Though it contains other basic health monitoring sensors such as temperature and pulse oximeters, it's main feature that makes it different from all other developed devices is the anti-choking functionality and capability.

The device is able to detect whenever a child chokes by picking the most immediate sign, 'shocking experience' by the EMG electrodes which sense any slight rise in nerve impulse during action potential, (like a victim who bumps into a snake).

Initially, the device is in a sleep mode to save battery life but wakes up when such a change is noted. It's main sensor (a sensor used in airway assessment and muscle tone variation in vivo) is activated to carryout a diagnostic test and ascertain whether the shock is due to choking or any other environmental factor. If it finds signs sufficient enough to be associated with choking experience, it sounds an alarm, with blinking LED lights which indicate the type of hazards. FH (fatal hazards) indicated by RED LED are those that lack mobility and can cause death if not dealt with as soon as possible while BLUE LED indicates CH (controllable hazard) which causes or is a potential threat to breathing but can be easily handled through first aid. If a reset button is not pushed within a time frame of 10 seconds, the device sends a call alert to parents and emergency services. The devices will have a way of linking them with contacts in such a way that the clients will have to pay monthly/yearly subscriptions for wireless services. The payment rate will depend on the number of contacts linked. The more the linked contacts the more assured a parent is as some contacts may be out of network coverage at time of emergency.

The company will also educate mothers on how to respond to such emergencies through Heimlich Maneuver technique (Abdominal thrust).


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