Tijara Wellness Services Ltd

We provide a solution in self-care, prevention & management of diseases thus saving money & time.


Our product, and how it works
Ignorance is the major contributing factor to many chronic / lifestyle diseases & our first task is to create national awareness and sense of urgency on actions to be taken like increasing physical activity, good natural nutrition are some of the low-cost measures that can prevent millions of illnesses and deaths.
Corporate Staff Wellness- Investing in staff wellness has direct benefits to a company in terms of reducing health related expenditure and ensuring maximum productivity among employees.
Experts say that wellness programmes can reduce healthcare costs by over 30%. In boosting staff productivity, wellness programmes help to reduce instances of absenteeism as a result of sickness or alcoholism. We will ensure confidentiality to reduce the likelihood to face rejection by staff. "Outsourced counselling services are the most preferred because employees feel at ease talking to someone outside the company," this forming a selling point for Tijara Wellness.
Personal development- Often, counselling services are preferred in cases of personal issues such as marital problems and alcoholism which retards an employee's personal development and affect productivity at the workplace. We will include innovations as tele-counselling to boost confidentiality.
Weight & Fitness Management- We will provide information on the best practical, easy to follow programmes to this & partner with gyms to provide the equipment.
Stress Management- Contrary to local, traditional & conservative beliefs, a lot of people suffer from depression. Counselling, activities & nutrition will eliminate stress.
Drug & Alcoholism Management - Most people think that they can treat stress with a shot of alcohol, smoking & drugs but this leads to over dependence on them leading to antisocial behaviours. Rehabilitation is key.

What is unique about what our venture and what it will accomplish?
We are unique since we are the first wellness company in Kenya to include weight loss, fitness, stress management, chronic / lifestyle diseases wellness, good nutrition, personal development, corporate employee wellness, drug abuse and alcoholism wellness in one great profitable company. This ensures we serve different niches in the market thus becoming an expert and market leader in wellness.
This business is easily expandable throughout the country and outside the country. We advocate for preventive measures rather than curative measures to curb illness and conditions in our developing society. In addition, we recommend natural remedies to manage the illnesses and conditions.
The patented products in our company will be unique programs we will develop for our African people since we have a different body frame from the western and eastern countries in the world due to our environment and natural foods that are easily available. We shall relay our unique information in form of articles, pictures, audio and videos either in printed or digital content which will be patented. The Apps that we will create will also be patented.
Our venture, plans to establish a well-planned individual schedule for our clients based on their goals and aspirations to be achieved so as to make sure that they are practical and easily implemented, accomplished and maintained even after the programs is done.

Our Exit Strategy.
Our exit strategies are partnership with other business, acquisition, selling our business, website with all its content and all assets developed and acquired either as a whole or separately to recover all the capital invested in the business.