The lAnE.

The lAnE. Keeps you and yours in harmonY. Your life is a master piece and you are the director.



PROBLEM SOLVING: Avoiding losing our text messages which are laden with a lot of knowledge and sentimental worth. It is your intellectual property.
UNIQUENESS:: Available for SMS especially,and also for internet communication.
SOLUTION FOR CLIENTS:: Storage and reference for important transaction receipts,saving text messages attached with a lot of attachment i.e.the sentiments behind. What you feel when you read it again. Its like a dose of laughter. Makes the heart merry. Such things are a treasure.
This is an interesting opportunity since everyone's digital consumption and on-line identity is taking form ,Increased activity,while also leaving behind a trail of digital footprint. We are getting more digital,less physical and manual. Yet we want to hold on to this ,have possession of our resources. This is Your On-Line identity. Your Intellectual Property. The lAnE gets to store your most sentimental texts as well as the ones you wouldn't want to lose if your gadget gets compromised or is lost. This provides the clients with a memento to which their memories remain etched forever.