The Heritage Group

To reduce post-harvest loss through value addition (food processing).

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As a farmer, I noticed that although many farmers put in a lot of hard, often manual, work to raise their crops, they seldom get the full reward from their harvest. In Kenya, up to 50% of the harvest is lost due to poor storage, lack of reliable transport, a glut in the market etc. The amount of food lost annually, is more than the entire amount of food aid to Africa.
Many farmers also contend with poor pricing due to lack of direct links to the market requiring them to use middlemen/brokers.
The Heritage Group seeks to create a food processing facility where we process this excess into dried and canned goods while ensuring that we offer farmers market prices for their produce. This ensures that the farmers get a fair price by eliminating brokers, that surplus food does not go to waste, and that seasonal fruits are available off-season. The dried fruit will be a great and healthy snack for children who currently tend to snack on junk food.
THG wants our processing plant to mostly employ women to help increase their financial independence.