SwapKitabu empowers parents and student communities to access affordable textbooks all year.



For most parents of school-going children, purchasing of textbooks each year is becoming an increasingly expensive undertaking. Indeed, the average textbook to pupil ratio in Kenya is falling and stands today at 1:3.2, a key contributor to falling education standards.

By combining technology with the age-old human tradition of hand-me-down on our platform at www.swapkitabu.com, parents and college student communities can sell or donate the books they no longer need and use the money to buy the books that they need for the next class.

Hence, by lowering the cost of textbooks by 50% or more, SwapKitabu enables every learner affordably access every required textbook, thereby raising the quality of learning outcomes in schools.


  • Steve Nguru

    Techie with a soft sport for football. Husband, Father. Loves to swim and cook when not thinking tech and politics.