A freelance market site where students hire tutors directly to assist them with their academic work.



It is worrying that despite tremendous advancement in technology most academicians are still experiencing the same problems that their predecessors experienced 50 years ago. It is more worrying that students can't easily find academic help beyond the confines of their lecture halls whereas something could be done to create a platform that could bring students from different parts of the world together to sharpen each other. Whenever we walk in corridors of universities there are posters everywhere student seeking academic assistance and academic writing bureaus sourcing for students to help them with their assignments and projects. Well, this got us thinking; do we have to be this mechanical in a world where almost everything is a button-click away?

Being in a public university we have encountered students from very humble backgrounds but very sharp in academics. These students make it through campus by tutoring their fellow counterparts for a small fee. This got us thinking even more and after several weeks of considering various ways in which these two problems could be a harmonized into a single solution, we finally settled for an online academic assistance freelance market.

Objectives of the project.
1. To expand academic assistance to students beyond the confines of their classrooms.
2. To provide employment to academicians who assist students with their academic work.

Uniqueness of the project.
We are not the first ones to seek to address these problems, however the way our predecessors have handled it leaves a big room for innovation. The sites that have addressed these do not allow for direct interaction between students and their tutors. The admins of these sites charge students expensively and end up looking for cheap tutors. We believe in a free market and therefore chose to be different. We want the student to choose the tutor by themselves on a competitive basis, the price will be decided by the two, independent of the site admins. We do also feature a blog that will inform and motivate students on different topics as well as accept quality guest writing.

How it works.
A student will log in to the website and post their questions or projects they need assistance in then tutors will bid for it and the winner picked by the student on a competitive basis. The two will agree on the price of the services and the student will proceed to pay the agreed amount which will be held by escrow until the student approves the work. After this the two will rate one another and write feedback of their experience working together.
How we benefit.
Our ultimate benefit is the satisfaction of usefulness to the academic fraternity, something that propels us to work even when situations are hard. However, we do stand a chance to make money. We are charging 10% for every agreed amount and an extra 5% for featured projects as well as 5% for sealed bids.
Our project solves a student problem by bringing the ability to find assistance in their academic work beyond the confines of their classrooms and in an extremely easy way, that is, by posting their work to the site through their gadgets and selecting the tutors of their choice. Inherently, we find ourselves solving the issue of unemployment immensely by providing access to jobs to the freelance tutors.