Save and Add value to Your Worth.Each unit counts. With You when rainy and when shine.



We are building a Micro-finance Institution wholly built on contribution from Airtime/Credit.For starting,it will involve transacting using only Airtime,and on reaching a certain threshold,it will involve converting Airtime to hard currency.
It therefore has a savers perspective and a borrowers perspective. From the savers perspective,it is an interesting way to contribute towards a time when one is not around a shop and you don't need to get out to purchase airtime.You will also be able to save up for items and buy them solely from Airtime saved up. You get auto-deductions at a certain percentage you have set,on signing up. That is ,a shaving off your top up credit for a period. You can also borrow beyond your available balance and later contribute towards that in the form of payment.A saver cannot unsubscribe from the service until they have paid all their outstanding dues. For borrowers,the service is appealing in that you will borrow from amounts you have saved up,hence lower transaction costs and even lower borrowing expenses. The more you save the better your record. Borrowers will also enjoy faster processing and well being,since they can borrow only what they have saved up. Debt is disturbing. This is unique in that a small contribution from a member while pooled with other savings results in large capital base. The Firm will start with small clients when translated into a money bank from credit bank and move up the learning curve to help other people with major projects.