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I have a small juice business running by the name Fine Blendz, When it started I needed it to grow fast and this made me think of using channels like social media for marketing, the major challenge I could not afford to run promotional campaigns, I created a Facebook group where I could advertise my business then since it was an open group and free to post, other business started advertising. It’s a major challenge to advertise and sell online, in this case small business are struggling and do not have the resources

It’s estimated more than 5 million Kenyans are online today and the number is growing every day, it presents an opportunity for small business to grow but the major challenge they lack enough resources to advertise, sell and market their products online, It involves good SEO practices and expensive social media campaigns and this is where we come in.
Kenyans have not fully embraced the culture of buying online due to issues of trust and convenience; we intend to solve this problem by creating a site where they can rate, review and create personal connections with the sellers. Our mission is to make the buyer experience to be different, easy, worth and increase the adoption rate of buying online.


  • Sammy Subu

    Soko Huru Admin, Business Development @ Fine Blendz