We enable businesspeople conduct business transactions through social media platform



Many business people are looking for all possible means of getting as many people as possible buy their products that they offer in the market for revenue maximization,most of them have taken theirs online because that is where most people spend most of their time therefore increasing the chances of purchase,they have taken all business transactions online.But small business people who cannot afford to pay for website development and maintenance and online costs are being left behind in this business evolution.These businesses are the most important in the Kenyan economy and we cannot afford to leave them behind in this online thing.Most rely on social media especially Facebook and twitter to market their product,they form business pages in this social media then they invite people to like this pages.Socialbiz intend to take this to the next level,Socialbiz will have a website,we shall form a link to our website,the link is given to the businessperson who then inserts the link to the business page e.g a cloth-seller,once a person likes a certain product(a certain cloth in this case),the person can buy the cloth instantly by clicking on the socialbiz link on the business Facebook page ,the link leads the buyer to our website which contains the details of the business(which is registered in our records)the person uses the MPESA pay bill number(online Lipa Na mpesa),enters the item number(businesspeople using this service will be required to identify the product using numbers),his mpesa number ,transaction code and his name.The information is sent as a message to the seller and he packs the product(a cloth in this example) such that the buyer only comes to pick the item.This will have saved the customers time spent roaming from stall to stall,this will be a paperless transaction therefore reducing cases of small businesses falling victims of fake money.Socialbiz takes advantage of time spent by people in social media and that makes us different from any other online shopping platform.