safaricam explora

its a journey recorder & a data provision system for safety & security



safaricam provides accurate information to all vehicle owners,operators & various other stakeholders affected by traffic incidents,mismanagement & insecurity. we solve this problem by continuously monitoring assets to analyze,evaluate,deter & mitigate operational risks thereby saving lives, time,money & other resources. users subscribe to this service as it's the only model of its kind in this region that helps gain actionable insights to improve efficiencies.
once installed on any vehicle its able to capture the road ahead,driver, other passengers & cargo. this information is stored locally on board the vehicle & at the same time relayed over a carrier network wirelessly to a central server.Embedded sensors capture events such as crashes, speeding, intrusion, time,date, longitude & latitude, attacks,conversations,movements, global position,etc.
After any incident authorized users can review how it occurred & other contributing factors. It can easily establish causes of incidents & the offenders involved. It can bridge the gap between research,policy & practice by synthesizing & repackaging research evidence & proactively promote research utilization by policy makers and development practitioners to come up with evidence based policies.