Helping parents never to think twice again when their child asks for a phone or tablet to play games



Meet Emma, your ordinary mum that has an 8-5 job. Every evening when she gets home, she has to make dinner for her family. But this is normally the time her curious daughter follows her around seeking attention and asking all sorts of questions like names of different objects in the house.

Emma recently discovered that the only way to squeeze in a few minutes for herself is to give her the smartphone so she can play games. Then Emma thought to herself “if only there was a way my daughter could learn while playing with the phone!” To help Emma and many parents in her shoes we created Ubao.

Ubao is a suite of educational apps intended for the preschool and early primary school children. Besides being beautifully designed, they introduce children to early learning concepts in literacy like: the alphabets, basic math, colors, shapes and encourage creative play through drawing and storytelling.

Educational material in a tablet or smartphone is more engaging to a child than in a textbook, because it is more colorful and interactive.

Currently there is a good number of educational apps in the app stores but they are all targeting the Western Countries and curriculum leaving the African market unserved.

Ubao will therefore bridge this gap by creating educational apps that children growing locally can relate to.


  • Dennis Kawawa

    Android developer .

  • Alex Kirui

    Animator, graphic artist who likes to create new art everyday when he wakes up.