Product name: E-garage ,Company: Reality and Beyond Technologies



E-garage is a system that basically bridges the gap between motorists and mechanical engineers. Motorists can use the app to access/reach and connect to the nearest mechanical engineers based on their current location. This may be due to general motor troubles that may occur unexpectedly and the motorist may or may not be familiar with their current location. Ever wondered what would happen if for example, you are driving headed to wherever it is you are going and all of a sudden experience a mechanical problem? You start worrying, wondering where you will get ‘your’ mechanic who is possibly hundred miles away. At this point, you become restless and start asking for help from the passing motorists. Worry no more! This system offers convenience since the user will be guaranteed of a well equipped mechanic who will come to the rescue depending on the situation at hand.
E-garage picks your GPS coordinates on a map and displays the available mechanics around you, their contact information providing you with an option to choose and contact directly from the system.The system also supports an SOS feature that will greatly proves useful for situations where internet connectivity is a problem. This feature connects you to us where we get your location and connects you to the nearest mechanical mechanic.
We currently trying to bridge the gap between the motorists and the mechanical engineers, reducing the time it takes for one to get the service faster despite where one is located at the time. We feel that this will give each and every mechanical engineer a platform to showcase their expertise by giving them a voice and allowing users who get to use their services to rate their skills.


  • Maxwell Nderitu

    Co Founder Product name: E-garage ,Company: Reality and Beyond Technologies

  • Victor Njeru

    Co-founder product name: E-garage and company name is Reality and beyond technologies.

  • Bryan Murithi

    Co founder product name: E-garage and company name is Reality and Beyond Technologies