The one-stop website to get jobs that pay by the hour. An hourly wage job / employment.



Payperhour is a business idea developed from the need of a Kenyan company that taps into the potential of thousands and maybe millions of people that have extra hours in a day or week.
Imagining the potential, under-achieved talent and the extra revenue that would be created if a platform is established whereby one can sell his/her services to a client ready to pay in hourly basis.
Payperhour business idea is developed from the realization that many Kenyans and our neighbors’ in East Africa would appreciate an online platform where they can trade their services for an hourly wage.
The beauty of the idea is that it doesn’t only tap in to the wasted or under-utilized hours of an employee working in any given company but it also gives a chance to all unemployed populous to work for a few hours in any given company.
The uniqueness in the business compared to other online Job website lies on the fact the business taps on company, organization, group or individuals that are ready to pay for skilled and unskilled labour on hourly basis.
How do you get the best man for the job? Easy! Just like in the case of online freelancer jobs, each member will have to create a profile including all skills, experience, education background etc. The employer will in return recommend and review each casual employee after the task.