PawaHub is a free public mobile devices charging booth made from discarded Telkom phone booths.



With the increasing adoption of Smartphones, it is becoming unusual to go a whole day without having to recharge your phone, especially if one is using their mobile device to access the internet regularly. Luckily some people stay in the office the whole day hence can use their mobile devices without fear of running out of power since they are next to a power outlet. But have you ever wondered what happens when a person outdoors, say CBD waiting for a friend, a matatu, or just going about their daily activities and their phones run out of charge does? Well, let me tell you. They simply wait till they get home, or if you know the City inside out, go look for some Stall owner who can help them at Ronald Ngala Street where they’ll part with some little money for the service plus they run the risk of their devices being stolen.
In this era where staying connected is almost, if not yet a human right, many people dread the thought of their devices going off and simply dash to the nearby power outlet when their phones give the “Power Low” warning since they run the risk of missing important calls or simply are not able to stay entertained and informed.
It is with this in mind that we decided to provide a simple solution to a common problem. We aim to redesign the otherwise useless landline phone booths into solar powered public mobile device charging booths known as “PawaHubs” that can be accessed and utilized by anyone who wants to add some juice to their mobile devices.
How many times have you attended events and end up returning home with your phone dead since there was no place to recharge it? I guess it happens all the time. We also aim to produce portable solar powered charging stations that can be hired out for activities e.g Rhino Charge, Blanket & Wine, Exhibitions, Conferences etc.
The pawahubs come with commonly used chargering cables pre-installed so that even if one has not carried their charging cables, they will still be able to use the pawahubs.