Oltepesi African Adventures

Utalii app seeks to develop tourism from the grassroots through mapping,content & promotion.



We plan to develop an app called Utalii App.The app is to help in promoting inbound/local tourism and to create new travel destinations especially in the remote parts of the country where details about tour attractions are until now scanty.Due to the increased insecurity along the coast, there is a need to create an alternative destination in the mainland Kenya.However, there is a challenge of poor infrastructure,Inadequate information about these destinations and Lack of/inadequate info about related services such as translation and accommodation services. Utalii App seeks to solve these challenges though the following ways;
1.Having an up to-date information about all the tour attractions in every county in the country.This information will also include their relative distance/directions to the nearest major towns.
2.Major accommodation and refreshment facilities around these tour attraction areas, their rates and standards .
3.Tour related services around these attraction areas e.g Doctors,mechanics,Car hire,translators,dancers,security posts,porters,guides etc.The information about their contacts will reduce the infrastructural barrier.
4.Major Seasonal events in every country that might influence the tourist's decision to visit.
5.Tour Itineraries for every attraction destination in every county
6.Tour and travel marketing alerts for different tour companies.