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To support families with multiples in Kenya



Multiples To Multiples (M2M) Society Proposal
Supporting multiple birth families every step of the way…
Liz Wala-Ng’enoh, a mother to 4 (a son and triplet girls) started the FB group, Multiple Blessings, in April 2012, as a way of offering support and a platform of sharing with other families who have or are expecting multiples. It has since grown to more than 230 members as of February 2014! As they discussed and shared along the way, they realised there was a high need for psychosocial and material support for families of multiples from both within and without. They have reached out individually and as a group. So far 2 families have been assisted. However, some of these needs have been very high requiring that they reach out to friends, family and institutions to help out. This then necessitated the formation of a society, Multiples To Multiples (M2M), in June 2013.
M2M Society’s Vision
To be the leading non-profit provider of support, education and research on multiple births in Kenya and the region.
M2M Society’s Mission
To advocate for quality prenatal care, promote healthy deliveries, and supply information to all multiple birth families in order to support successful parenting through every phase of their children's development.
M2M Society’s Objectives
The objectives for which the Society is formed are:-

a) to provide a support system for expectant, new and experienced parents and legal guardians of twins, triplets, quadruplets and higher order multiples (hereinafter referred to as “multiples”) through resource, networking, education and fellowship;

b) to provide avenues for the exchange of valuable information between parents, professionals and other caregivers about the wide range of issues related to pregnancy, birth and the raising of multiples;

c) to provide support and outreach through monetary and/or in-kind donations to parents and legal guardians of multiples who are in need;

d) to discuss and co-operate with other societies, clubs, associations and organizations having similar objects for the better attainment of such objects.

e) to do all such things which are or are deemed to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Society.

M2M Society’s membership
Any person who is a parent or legal guardian of multiples and is over the age of eighteen years shall be eligible for membership of the Society and shall, subject to the approval of the committee, become a member upon payment relevant fees. The committee at its discretion and subject to the prior approval or subsequent ratification of the Annual General Meeting may co-opt any other member as it deems necessary.
Associate membership is also allowed for those who are interested in one way or another to support the various objectives of the society. Associate members are not eligible to vote, neither can they hold elective posts.
M2M Society’s benefits
Member dues will be an essential part of M2M’s operating budget because dues, along with donations, will provide the basic funding needed for programs that directly help multiple birth families. Some of those programs include:
• Expecting Multiples: A Comprehensive Guide for Expectant Parents of Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets, Quintuplets, Sextuplets, and More
• One-on-one support
• The M2M website
• The M2M Family Support Forums
• In-depth blog articles
• Advocacy efforts
• Outreach programs
• M2M's eNews
• Memorials
• Parenting books and packets
• Professional resources
• Quality links by category and topic
• Statistics and FAQs on multiple births
• Support and information on preemies
• And much more
M2M sources of funding

Revenue for M2M will be derived from:
• Sponsorship opportunities such as publication of parenting booklets, survey and marketing material distribution, member database searches, M2M events, continuing education for professionals, public outreach programs, speaking engagements, and more.
• Advertisements on the M2M website and M2M’s free email newsletter eNews.
• Contributions through a percentage of sales from affiliate program sites.
• Purchase of M2M publications, books, member dues, and other products offered in the M2M Library.
• Corporate sponsor grants
• Project grants from private foundations
• Direct donations from multiple birth families and individual supporters

Reasons to donate to M2M Society
1. Information: Your donations allow M2M to continue providing high-quality information to families of multiples like the M2M website, parenting resources, 101 FAQs on multiples & blogs.
2. Networking: Your donations will ensure M2M can secure, moderate, and maintain the Family Support Forums and Resource Volunteer Database to provide much needed support to families facing unique challenges.
3. Research: Your donations will support critical research projects and the compilation of statistics used by researchers and medical professionals to help families of multiples have healthy outcomes.
4. Advocacy: Donations will fund M2M’s advocacy efforts and creation of policy statements that M2M will do on behalf of all multiples and their families.
5. Outreach: Without the generous support of donors, outreach programs that help multiple birth families in need such as the annual M2M Adopt A Family and bereavement programs, would simply not be possible.
6. Training: Donations will help fund programs that train volunteers and mentor local multiple support groups so families expecting and parenting multiples receive quality support at the local level as well.

Advertise with M2M Society
The M2M audience includes
• Multiple birth families
• Family & friends of M2M members
• Health care & educational professionals
• Hospitals
• General media
• Many more populations...
M2M families frequently buy products in volume to accommodate the needs of 2, 3, 4, 5, or more infants and children. M2M is confident that our ads will offer some of the best vehicles available to reach this audience in today’s market.
MOST advertisers will not only reach this incredible market, but will also help M2M defray the costs involved with providing multiple birth families with the personal support services and in-depth information and resources they need.
Website Ads
The M2M website will have over 100 pages of content, not including the M2M Family Support Forums and the blogs. The website will provide a large range of information related to multiple births starting from pregnancy and going through school-age. The M2M website will receive a large volume of traffic from families of multiples, and over 50% of visitors to the M2M will bookmark the site in their list of favourites.
Blog Ads
The bloggers’ sponsor program is an exciting opportunity to promote your products or services to a valuable audience. Postings on the M2M Blog reach many families with twins, triplets, and more who often make purchases in bulk and can be influential consumers in the parenting market. Sponsorship ads remain on the blog post for a minimum of 1 year, but some posts may remain online much longer and include the following:
• A 250 x 250 pixel square graphic
• Up to 500 characters (with spaces) of text
• A link to 1 web page - Link is sponsor's choice, but all linked pages must meet requirements of the M2M advertising policy.

Sponsors will be acknowledged prominently on the sponsored blog.
All standard website ads run for 6 months and will be placed on the M2M website homepage. To advertise on our website, simply choose the size ad that works best for you, and send M2M the ad content by email. Be sure to include the order number or purchaser's name in message and note that graphic files should not exceed 100 KB.
Ad content must be received 10 business days prior to ad start date.
Professional Resources at M2M Society
Your Professional Input Can Make a Difference!
Professionals can also help multiple birth families and parents of premature infants by contributing to M2M in a variety of ways:
• Donate to M2M
• Participate on the M2M Professional Advisory Board
• Link your site to M2M
• Sign up to be notified about M2M eNews posts
• Contact M2M

M2M Society’s contacts
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