An online applicant tracking software for SMEs. It's easy to use, affordable and efficient.



Msajili addresses the headache that recruiters and hiring managers encounter whenever they are processing job applications manually i.e. opening hundreds of emails and downloading cvs, keeping track of these applicants during the recruitment process is cumbersome and time consuming.
Msajili is an easy to use applicant tracking system targeting small and medium enterprises. These enterprises would find the cost of building their own system prohibitive. Msajili enables companies to easily track candidates and organize the application tracking process for more efficiency and less errors.

Msajili is offered as a software as a service(saas), this drastically reduces the expenses on the employer since they only pay for it when they need it. Since its hosted on the cloud there are no installation/upgrade charges and the employer doesn't need to invest in hardware or i. T personel to maintain the system.

Msajili is targeted at recruiters and hiring managers. The solution provided by msajili ensures that recruiters focus on what is really important for the company: finding great talent. They will spend less time downloading emails/cvs and organizing candidates, this will exponentially increase their productivity.