We Provide Marketing Automation Platform for Small, Medium & Large Enterprises



What are the challenges/problems that MOPPO seeks to solve?
The following use cases present the current problems with their solutions;
a. Problem: Imagine a visitor comes to your website and then leaves without a trace
The Solution: With MOPPO you will be able Capture their details and begin nurturing straight away through the use of landing pages and well designed forms
b. Problem: Your leads come to your website and download a report or sign up for a webinar, but you don’t follow up on them.
The Solution: With MOPPO schedule an automated follow-up email one week later so you don’t miss out on a possible sale.
c. Problem: Your lead goes cold. They have stopped interacting with you thus not moving through the sales funnel.
The Solution: With MOPPO create and schedule a date-based email campaign that prompts the lead to take an action e.g download a report/sign up for an event.
d. Problem: In the process of nurturing a prospect you are not sure how hot/ready they are or how far down the sales funnel they are.
The Solution: Use MOPPO automation and reporting to improve lead visibility throughout the sales process

What is unique and different about your solution?
MOPPO is a service based solution company that seeks to provide marketing automation services to marketers in every organization and in different industry - From Finance, hospitality to tourism. At MOPPO we will provide a one stop shop unique solutions that are not limited to;
1. Email Marketing - Send personalized emails to leads and track them.
2. Social Media Marketing - Build lead lists from social mentions, hashtags, and keywords
3. Lead Management - Effortlessly track both anonymous and known leads (lead nurturing).
4. Lead Scoring - Assign each lead points as they interact with marketing campaigns
5. Product/service Campaigns - Automate the process of connecting with leads and nurturing them along the sales funnel
6. Service subscription Forms - Design valuable forms for campaigns to collect information, build lists, give content or market product/service webinars
7. Marketing Analytics and Reports - Use data gathered from campaigns detailed feedback to improve on marketing efforts.
8. MOPPO will also include an sms platform.
How does it solve a customer problem?
MOPPO provides an automated marketing platform of the processes and solutions described above thus making marketing tasks efficient and effective