Mobu Limited

Mobu is a magazine where discounts are the stories.



Over 50% of business that close every year do so due to lack of Marketing. Most have expended their budgets and have little to spare for marketing. However, what they do have is dead stock. Kenyans too love a good discount before trying out anything new. We are thus trying to have the two cancel. Mobu helps merchants create attractive, targeted discounts for these merchants. Therefore solving the merchants marketing pain and the users discovery appetite.

We have a magazine/application where merchants upload their discounts to. We then get Kenyans to download the application. Each time the user opens the application a feed of discounts is curated based on current physical location and bio-data collected at signup.

Merchants not only get store traffic but also get information to power they day to day business decisions. e.g from gender and age they can get a clear picture on what market segment to focus on.