Mentor Me-2

Mentor Me-2 is an application on mentorship and networking between young people and professionals.



Mentor Me-2 is a mobile communications application that enables users join a professional networking system and built on three pillars.
a) Mentorshiop
b) Inspiration
c) Exposure
The pillars of our company (MENTOR ME-2) enable users connect and share through our mobilization philosophy where members of the society donate their time as a resource and volunteer their services/abilities/experiences to mentor and be a role model to those who would want to be like them.
The vision of the company is to transform the lives of the users socially and economically hence the singular hosting of both the products and services.
Mentor Me-2 has features that enable users engage and create
a) Professional Profiles and portfolios (e-curriculum vitae).
b) Professional email addresses, WebPages and blogs.
c) Access to professional career clubs based on academic and talent performances.
We have an authentication process for the; security and privacy of the users, the security of our services and to maintain professionalism in our site.The account hosting also provides simplicity and efficiency for our users since they can access professional mentorship at all levels from the young people in learning institutions to those senior professionals.

Our major target population market is the young people who consist over sixty percent of the total population and are regarded as the backbone of the society and economies. The young people have frequently been engaging in habitual and destructive acts such as drugs and substance abuse, crime and recently radicalization. We believe that our application will empower the young people socially by enabling them interact with peers who share similar interest on careers and professionals who will be their mentors and role models. This will enable them capacity build on knowledge as capital and as well work on their ethics in preparation to engage in different professions of their interests.
We also target parents/ guardians of this young people as professionals and on a professional platform. Mentor Me-2 has an all rounded mentorship cycle where the professionals(either senior or junior) can network and mentor each other hence the use of Me-2 as our branding phrase.
Mentor Me-2 has a global appear due to its relative attributes on the welfare of users and uniqueness in other services in banking.
Mentor Me-2 encourages social philanthropy and raises the society consciousness and responsibility towards other member’s o the society. This will better all service industries both in government and the private sector. It will also promote high standard work ethics and professionalism practices from the young people to those professionals. It will enable us tackle social and economic injustices such as corruption that has pulled down many growing economies.