M-Smart Shopping

Supermarkets wanting to increase sales and revenue,this is the application they need for clients.

Nairobi, Kenya


Currently it very costly to the supermarkets to produce the smart cards which in turn is transferred to the client in terms of price of the products. For them to add more clients to their loyalty it’s tedious and time consuming. The Client also may forget, lose or misplace it, but with a mobile application all a client does is download, register and in a few minutes he or she is a loyalty member and is updated in the supermarket. Also it’s easy for a client to check how many points they have from the comfort of their phone.
The use of mobile handheld devices within the workplace and day to day activities is expanding rapidly. These devices are no longer viewed as coveted gadgets for early technology adopters, but have instead become indispensable tools that offer competitive business advantages for the mobile workforce. These devices provide productivity benefits that organization’s can use to increase sales when accessed remotely. Enabling adequate user authentication is the first line of defense against unauthorized use of an unattended, lost, or stolen handheld device. Smart cards have long been the choice of authentication mechanism for many organizations; however, handheld devices have come to easily support readers for standard-size smart cards and making it convenient to handle all your transactions from banking to shopping.
a smart mobile application that can be used by Supermarkets for the clients on loyalty program and the good thing about it is that it will save cost for the Supermarkets in making the currently smart cards and credit cards that they are doing. On the end user all they have to do is just download, fill in the application form and once its approved they are put on the database and with ease of a smart phone that accepts QR codes they will be connecting to the system of the supermarket where a QR code is generated to read and confirm that they a smart app holder and after shopping it will be able to load the points to the clients account.
Another thing is they will longer be queues for people making application and paper work is removed and slow process in approving, making the cards and time it will take to pick it they start enjoying the benefits immediately.

• You can be able to advertise at no additional cost and will go to all clients who are on the mobile application
• It can also have the options to show all branches and have the maps through Google maps
• It will also help in the supermarket reducing the price of products as they will not incur cost in making the cards thus the savings will be transferred to the customers.
• Also the supermarket can use the app to make money by their suppliers advertising in it for a new product, new offer or a sale on their product.
• Members can receive best deals from the supermarkets on the daily deals or weekly or monthly ones from the touch of their phone