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About Samani Africa
The number one online furniture marketplace in Kenya connecting Sellers and Buyers in the country.

A multi-vendor marketplace giving Small Businesses wider market access by linking them to Buyers.

About Project idea/product: Online Verification of Certificates (OVC)
OVC is a web-based system that allows automated verification of documents/certificates

About Oltepesi African Adventures
Utalii app seeks to develop tourism from the grassroots through mapping,content & promotion.

About Elimu Kenya
Elimu Kenya targets at providing relevant information about private academic institutions

About kadokide
Kadokide is an online private tutoring platform for busy Kenyans

A website that outputs viable business ideas and startup budget based on environmental variables

About Product name: E-garage ,Company: Reality and Beyond Technologies

About PayperHour
The one-stop website to get jobs that pay by the hour. An hourly wage job / employment.

About Commz
Design, publishes, tracks brand/corporate newsletters to customers/users for a maximized engagement.