lean pm (property Management)

The next generation in property management is here. Fully ICT supported Property management portal.

Kenya Nakuru


Property management agencies require that when looking for a house one pays for agency fees, even after one has spent time and money looking for the rental property. What's more, Monthly/periodical payments require one to visit the agency office physically, or physically go line up to a bank pay then submit the slips physically most of the times. This then only translates into additional costs on the initial rent in terms of money and time (time is money). In this digital era, I find this totally uneconomical.
In this proposed portal, one can be able to access the property online, pay for the rates and or rent without necessarily visiting the property owner's or agency's office. Business can be transacted online from anywhere. Reducing transaction cost and time as well. What's more, the property owner or agency can raise invoices automatically and at given times, while at the same time reverting to payments by generating receipts automatically after payment.
The portal requires that a client creates an account where he/she os provided with a board. Upon log in, clients can choose the property they want to pay for, And automatically an invoice is raised for the property and the period of time. A list of mode of payment is generated for the client to choose from (this could be via mobile money such as mpesa, airtelmoney etc, visa or MasterCard, or any other methods available online). Given the mode of payment, a code. Is generated to use as reference. When the payment is made... The system verifies and generates a receipt. Then updates the records.