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Transit Screen Advert

We have installed LED Tvs in commuter buses in Nairobi. We show entertainment programming together with adverts. The passengers watch the programming during their commute to town and back. We change our entertainment weekly to keep it interesting.
Bus Side & Back Advert

The bus side adverts are just like moving billboards. Your advert will be seen by thousands of Nairobians as the bus moves in and out of the city. This is an amazing opportunity to build awareness of your products and drive customers to your business.
Seat Back Advert

Capture the direct attention of the passenger by advertising your product on the seat back. This platform can be used as a stand alone plan or to reinforce your advert which is running on the screen. This will guarantee that the potential client has enough time to have a look at your product or service and get your contacts.

Billboards is probably one of the oldest, yet most effective advertising platforms. The billboards are placed in a well visible place so that the potential clients can see what your business has to offer.
Bicycle Advert

Take the chance to advertise on our new and trendy platform, the Bycycle Advert. The bikes are ridden to various parts of the city and people will get to see the products or services that your business offers
Taxi Cab Advert

Get your products noticed in this innovative platform. Your adverts will be seen by everyone who sees the Taxi, it is taken with it wherever the taxi goes. This is a good way to get recognition to the people.
Light Box Advert

Stay ahead of your game. Keep your products or your company on the most noticeable platform. Your products will be seen by all people on foot, commuting or in private vehicles.


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