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Inspire, Share and Advance knowledge of Web Developers to become game changers here in Kenya & Globe

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Innovative Developers Hub (iDev Hub) is a nonprofit organization that specializes in collecting, storage and sharing of relevant knowledge to interested entities in web development. The main objective of iDev Hub is to establish programs that build capacity and provide training to young investors and business angels who will in turn benefit from vast knowledge of web development acquired over subject time.
The organization offers web development knowledge to interested entities through various intuitive activities and initiatives such as knowledge base competitions, workshops, teambuilding forums, exchange programs and training workshops among others. Entities in this context range from students to cooperate bodies and in-betweens; in rural and urban settlements, that need the relevant knowledge.
Currently we have embarked on nurturing young talented individuals to be able to use their skills in web development to enhance creativity and innovation; hence improved livelihood among the youth. The organization (iDev Hub) believes that brilliance and talent exist everywhere, but opportunities do not. The Hub equip our fellows with entrepreneurship skills to enable them participate not only in economic development but also improve their livelihood in a sustainable manner. Our target population is the marginalized youth living in the informal settlement scenes of the urban settings as well as rural areas where poverty levels and unemployment rates are very high among the youth. Our programs equip the youth out of school with the tools and skills they need to be successful in life, and empower them to confidently meet the challenges of life, regardless of their financial background. We also target the corporate institutions, education sector and business entities; to design, build and operationalize online applications that enable them participate effectively in global market economy.


  • Gabriel Okumu Jumah

    I am a social entrepreneur who has a passion in impacting young people to develop affinity for self reliance and job creation in Kenya.