Infinity Studios

The African Story by Africans for Africans

Kenya Nairobi


Infinity media company is a company that a group of young people finding the need to take African stories to a global platform decided to form. The company or the concept for the company is divided into two distinct but intertwined divisions, the first division is Infinity Studio that will deal with production of high quality television shows for the Kenyan and african market in general, we already have about 5 scripted reality style shows, ranging from a dance show to a competition show to a docu-series on tourist attractions sites in Kenya. One of the shows a dance show has already been copyrighted by us after alot of interest several producers. Infinity production will also deal in production of tv commercials and scripted shows by other creators. The second division which is more close to our heart is the Infinity Comics and Animation division, the division is dealing with creation of a pan-african superhero force to counter the rise in supernatural attacks in our continent Africa (in the Infinity comics universe). Growing up, we were surrounded by alot of superhero characters from various comic outfits such as Marvel and D.C however it is very sad most are not African and the African ones are peripheral characters and non really told the African story through this fictional characters, we hope to one day have African superheroes save the world. We have developed more than 10 heroes and countless villains whose origin spans from Kenya to Zambia to Nigeria to Uganda, each telling an African story. We hope to produce periodic graphic novels or comic books as they are commonly called, both paper and digital comic books, we hope to eventually produce an animated television series that brings this pan-african heroes together against evil.
Team work and diversity is at the core of our organisation, we are all students taking on different and diverse fields, from Animation and media technology to Arts to Law to I.T to economics but we all share in this vision of telling the African story.
We have been trying to launch our company but due to a lack of funds and a guidance on how to implement our ideas. We believe we are different from others that have come before us because we aim to tell the African story from a youths perspective, with the aim of making not only Kenya but Africa a force to reckon with in the media industry.
p.s we are still building our website with the little funds we have and as soon as most of the artwork of our characters is done it will be up.