Help Kenyans buy furniture online



The customer pain point that iFurnish strives to solve encompasses the enormous inconvenience associated with locating and comparing quality furniture to purchase in Kenya. A significant amount of consumers spend hours of time looking dashing back and forth in traffic searching for the best, most interesting, and cost effective piece of furniture that they feel is perfect for the interiors of their homes. All the while when consumers reach the various destinations, most stores do not mark prices and the would-be customer must spend irritating time walking around the shops asking the sales agent for the price of every item of interest instead of quickly walking through and observing the prices on tags.

iFurnish aims to solve this pain point by establing an online platform whereby furniture buyers can obtain information on furniture in various stores, carpenters, and interior designers as well as their locations on Google maps initially in Nairobi. iFurnish would be accessed online from either their phones or laptops. The solution stands unique in that the website showcases authentic and new furniture from a variety of sources (again, furniture stores, carpenters, and interior designers directly) and has an attached Google maps plug-in which makes it easier for users to find the furniture seller easily.

The value proposition iFurnish offers besides convenience entails the price comparisons that users may pick the most affordable furniture item between seller options in a haggle-free and transport-free way. The added cost savings also adds value to consumers. iFurnish does not deliver furniture items because furniture is a high cost and high likeability-risk good because consumers want to see and touch furniture before buying so that they know that they are getting their money and fashion worth. Also, iFurnish seeks to partner with furniture stores, etc., and not replace them. Furniture sellers will still interact extensively with furniture buyers which increases the chances of the buyer becoming a return customer. iFurnish also makes small furniture sellers have an online presence which enables them to compete with bigger furniture stores online and it also makes them more accessible to furniture buyers within Nairobi.