Graduate Farmer

Empowering the youth and women from becoming job seekers to job creators through agribusiness



a)Problem Description
There are two problems presented in this case:
1. Youth Unemployment in Kenya
2. Underutilized land in the rural areas which have been ignored due to many factors ranging to lack of farming skills, knowledge and negative mentality towards farming by the youth and society.
According to research conducted by the World Bank, over 60% (almost 10 million people) of the Kenyan youth are unemployed, which means that it is difficult to get a good job. You find Kenyans complaining that they cannot get jobs yet they can practice agriculture and generate good income. Most of the agricultural land in Kenya is underutilized according to a research by FAO and the productivity these lands can be maximized if the youth embraced agribusiness. This will finally remove the misplaced notion of the Kenyan youth that formal and white collar employment is their only way out to poverty.

b)Why is Graduate Farmer unique? Getting credible agricultural information in Kenya is really difficult. Graduate Farmer has solved this problem by linking with top agricultural institutions to provide information to the farmers We have also made it easier for the beginner farmer by providing step by step instructions on how to succeed in in agribusiness.

We also offer "Practical" agricultural training to farmers who want to get hands on experience. This will ensure that the farmer has both the information from our website and on-ground training.

c) How does it solve a customer problem?Graduate Farmer offers the young generation an opportunity to view farming as a cool thing to engage in an in turn transform their lives through the income that they can be able to earn through farming. By providing them with the right motivation, skills and tools, I believe as Graduate Farmer, we have the potential to make a significant contribution, in our own small way, to ensure that Kenya achieves the Millennium Development Goals even before 2030.