Geo-Kreative Designs

( A) 1.Aquarium and Wall Hangings and Paintings Products (B) 1. Poverty Eradication:



(A) 1.
To provide both Aesthetic and Natural improvement and face-lift to my clients and enable them to beautify their business, corporate or work premises.
Target Groups:
Corporate Groups/Companies, Excecutive Offices, Hotels/Restourants, Institutions, Universities, Hospitals, Churches and Homes.

To be Implemented in two Phaces; Simultaniously or one after the other
1). Make the products for sale: Both customised products as per the clients needs or expectations.
2). Service Provider:Make and hire or lease the products the the clients ( Minimum of 5 pierces). The products can be customised or general for both sets of products. To be charged on a monthly basis.
3). Paintings art pierces: Provide the service of supplying and mounting paintings and do a periodical changes within (2 and above months depending on the agreed contract) at the clients workplace, offices, Hotel hallways and rooms etc.
Design a mold that can make 5 interlocking bricks at one-go (each compressed with 10 torns) as well as Roofing tiles using the same technique.
To partner with county Governments: Targeting 3 important sectors
1. Education: Building quality but low cost classrooms at the location level.
2. Health: Build quality but low cost Dispensaries/clinics at the location level.
3.Secirity: Build Build quality but low cost Police bases/stations at the location level.