Fine Blendz

We are here to deliver health and happiness through our juices and smoothies.

Nairobi, Kenya


It was a noble thought to introduce healthy natural drinks with no added preservatives for people to lead healthy lives and help farmers reduce post harvest losses. It’s estimated that farmers loose about 40-50% of their produce due to post harvest losses this is attributed to either lack of market or transport problems. At Fine Blendz we aim to provide a ready market and collect fruits directly from the farmers which will boost their income by eliminating brokers/middlemen.

There is a growing urbanization and change in lifestyles as middle class is expanding and consumers have become more health conscious where they opt for fresh squeezed juices& Smoothies and less carbonated drinks. We are on a massive trend where people are craving for this healthy food options, Fine Blendz Juice and smoothie bar will capitalize on this trend; we will deliver in more convenient and fast way. The location is Nairobi and set to expand to other areas within East Africa region; We will setup Juice and smoothie bars in places with high traffic i.e. Shopping malls, an online store- customers can order on our website or send text messages, have deliveries to Offices and homes also a mobile van for events, festivals, weddings and parties.
We will be the first to introduce smoothie bar concept in a larger scale in Kenya.



  • Sammy Subu

    Soko Huru Admin, Business Development @ Fine Blendz