Ezsacco is tech-startup with an online sacco management platform that allows small groups to manage



EZsacco is a cloud based software that is accessible from any browser.

Majority of groups between 10-1000 members are mostly left out of tech-solutions to enable them to learn efficiently. the products available are either too expensive or ill-equiped for this small groups.

EZsacco is a solution built around the SACCO management lifestyle and the members themselves providing them with a platform to maintain their records, manage savings and borrowing and integrates mobile money and bank APIs as most SACCOs run saving accounts with registered commercial banks.

By incorporating into EZsacco, groups and SACCOs are able concentrate on their core business- that of member empowerment without running the problem of loosing data or inconveniencing members who have to step out of their daily routine to make physical deposit the bank then take the receipt to the office and those who do not have time having to go to the physical office, if any to deposit cash.

EZsacco also tracks loan remittance and notifies members via SMS incase of they are late and run the risk of being fined or confiscation of property.