Eneza Education

We aim to make Education accessible to the most remote parts of the world using simple technology.


Eneza’s solution leverages technology widely used by families across Kenya and content that is entirely teacher-created. Currently, our platform consists of:
1.) An SMS, USSD, and mobile web based study tool for kids
2.) SMS, USSD, web and mobile-web based school and parent accounts that include data and quick resources
3.) Large-scale data accounts for educational officials or organizations (accessible via the web only)

First, Eneza gives students access to quality study tools. Using text messaging and simple mobile web, students interact with quizzes, tutorials, and questions. This study system is available to nearly 95% of families through basic phones, and with game-like qualities, students compete for the top rank in their school and geographic region.

Second, Eneza offers schools accounts that contain nuanced data based on student interaction, reports, and resources. With this information, teachers and schools can prioritize and adjust course according to students’ needs. We offer parent accounts that include similar information but for individual students instead of individual schools.

Lastly, Eneza offers large-scale, data accounts, filterable by gender, region, school, subjects and learning topics, to education officials or large educational bodies. All
individual student data is anonymous.

We are a network that focuses on leveraging simple mobile technology to reach students, teachers, parents and educational stakeholders.