We enable Kenyans access Micro finance services through certified MPESA agents countrywide e.g loans



The most pressing problem that micro finance institutions are facing is reaching out to more Kenyans access their loans without traveling long distances to their branches which are quite limited in the country.Most Kenyans also want to access loans from micro finance institutions from convenient locations but they cannot find this convenience from these institutions in Kenya.We at E-MICRO FINANCE are the solution to these problems of both customers and these institutions,one thing that most Kenyans trust nowadays is the M-PESA platform,most have mobile phones, most of them at least have access to internet and most of them are nearer to M-PESA agents in the country.If one wants to access a loan from a micro finance institution that he is a member,he goes to E-MICRO FINANCE website,selects the institution,fills in the form,provides the M-PESA number and personal details and then sends to the respective institution,the bank reviews the request and verifies if the member is registered.The institution then sends the money(this will apply to people requesting small loans 5000-40000.for security)to the MPESA number and the person can withdraw the cash from the nearest Mpesa agent.One can also repay the loan through this agents and the money is sent directly to the micro finance account number.E-MICRO FINANCE also enables people to open microfinance accounts and deposit money to these accounts from their Mpesa account in the comfort of their homes.Confirmation SMS are sent to the person and the MPESA agent once he uses any of the E-MICRO FINANCE services for assurance.Security for the loan will be forwaded to the prefered MPESA agent which is kept safely until the loan is paid back e.g if the security of the loan is a business log book,the book is given to the authorised Mpesa agent for safe keeping,the microfinace institution shall empower these agents to boost the safe keeping of loan security documents,note that this service will enable kenyans access small loans preferably below 50000 for them to start or boost their businesses.These MPESA agents will act as laymen between these institutions and the users.NB;The applicant MUST BE a registered member of that micro finance institution to easy up the record keeping.