E-lab is a startup that eradicates electronic waste by refurbishing it into amazing art work.



ICT has had tremendous impact in aiding businesses and societies over the last couple of years in Africa, yet as the sector grows rapidly it brings about 20 million tons of electronic waste every year majority of which is either burnt or dumped not only in my community but also in many other African communities. This e-waste hazard has led to lack of proper living habitats among millions of africans and has seen an increase in mortality rate among infants who are affected by highly toxic and radioactive elements found in e-waste.

E-lab addresses this e-waste challenge by implementing an innovative yet sustainable e-waste collection venture that would mop up millions of tons of e-waste from badly affected communites, institutions, schools and organisations as well as to promote a culture of safe and responsible e-waste disposal among Africans. Instead of the old system of collecting and dumping, we add value to this obsolete electronics by making innovative products using electronic waste.These innovative products include art pieces and sculptures for the art industry. Jewelry and shoes made from rubber and recycled plastic found in electronic devices for the fashion industry; we aim at using these shoes for an anti jigger campaign done by several NGO’S in rural areas of Kenya. Last but not least copper and any other metal material will be channeled to the “juakali” which is our local artisan industry to produce metallic money boxes for an initiative campaign that would sensitize young entrepreneurs on a saving culture.
Alongside mopping up hazardous electronic waste for a cleaner and safer society our company would keep diseases like cancer in check and we would also create numerous employment opportunities in three sectors of the economy curbing unemployment which is a major socio-economic challenge in Africa.