e guard biometric security system

E-guard is a device that has an inbuilt Biometric Finger print reader ment to tranform kenya


The main objective of the device is to enhance security by night guards at night in homes, institutions, firms and secured areas.Biometric system is a system that is able to read finger prints and retrieve information of a certain individual who has been registered into the system. Also through the swipe a card with a black strip into the system, the process is complete.
E-guard enables the security guards /officer who are on duty at night to use the device by putting their finger for scan and swipe the card with5 to10 minutes spacing between the both processes every hour so as to enable them to be awake all night.

E-guard is programmed in such a way that the security personnel can only input his finger for scan once per hour so as to enable to remain alert throughout the night.
Once a security officer input his finger for scanning, it sends a signal to the security headquarters so as to check in the guard is alert. Because the devices are networked to a main server, it enables one officer to monitor thousands or other officers who are on duty.
The e-guard system is connected to the server through a network. The server can be connected to thousands of e-guard system at once and also it is compatible to the programme software and vice versa.

Each hour the guard is supposed to swipe a card with a blank strip on the system and immediately after 5 minutes he inputs his finger for scanning. The 5 minutes spacing enables the guard to be alert and helps their alert level throughout the night because it’s a continuous process each hour.
Many security companies dispatch security personnel’s to go around at night to confirm the guards are awake which endangers their lives yet this system enables one personnel to monitor thousands of security guards from one networked computer hence saves time, fuelcosts, and improves the security system
• Monitoring Money transportation
• Employee’s check-in and check-out working hours


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