Design, publishes, tracks brand/corporate newsletters to customers/users for a maximized engagement.



A centralized online marketing tool that helps brands; companies, institutions, banks, county governments, political parties, etc. connect with their customers’ daily life affairs in a meaningful and measurable way, for a maximized engagement that increases Return on investment. It enables brands create diverse valuable and relevant content for consumption across customer channels.

Commz creates a data-driven consumer engagement by planning, designing, publishing and track performance of up-to-date brand communications;press releases, alerts,e-publications, newsletters, event and news alerts, progress reports, bulletins, adverts, campaigns, etc. as online newsletters; promotional, campaigns, lead nurturing, educational and informational.

This promotes brand communications, harness leads and prospects for effective brand awareness, loyal customer acquisitions, sales boost and finally increase Return on investment.

As an online web application platform, it pulls qualified leads/prospects and exposes them to relevant brand communications through an integrated channel approach. As the daily affairs of a customer revolve around relevant brands; banks, institutions, county governments, etc, Commz brings it all together so that brands can send consistent, focused and targeted communications to their customers across all channels. This prevents a scattershot marketing approach that at best dilutes brand core messages and at worst breaks down into a mishmash of competing messages.
The platform tracks and analyzes performance of the brand communications to facilitate effective and strategic decision making towards consumer engagement.

The platform creates repeated online interactions that strengthen the emotional, psychological investment of customers. Engaged customers reveal enhanced loyalty, satisfaction, connection, emotional bonding, trust and commitment. It boosts traffic to diverse channels, nurture leads and prospects to be loyal customers
and brand advocates for repeated sales and engagement while increasing Return on investment.

It makes it easy for customers to access relevant brand communications in their daily life affairs. It provides relevance and value to customers while engaging them in a meaningful way. It makes customers aware of relevant up-to-date brand communications, respond and share across their networks (social media), hence embracing a long term brand advocacy.

It establishes, sustains and enhances customer relationships; strategic and imperative for building and sustaining a competitive advantage beyond reason.

It boosts brand credibility and overdelivers on its goals and objectives towards customers.