A multi-vendor marketplace giving Small Businesses wider market access by linking them to Buyers.



The problems we are trying to solve are:
-Small businesses and vendors face the challenge of market accessibility. lacking the amounts necessary for marketing campaigns with which to create awareness.
-Difficulty faced by small businesses and vendors in sourcing and importing merchandise and products for sale at affordable prices.
-Lack of exhaustive data and information among small businesses and vendors on their business operations.
-Limited shopping experience among buyers while on other e-commerce platforms
Our solutions entail providing vendors with a store on our platform, on which to display their products, consequentially accessing a wider market while maintaining control over their store features and design, and getting accurate periodic reports on their transactions.
Merchant/Vendor networks - Vendors and small businesses trading in the same products or in the same industry will be able to form networks and group through which they can source for and import goods in bulk benefiting from bulk purchase discounts reducing their overall costs.
Social Shopping and gifting services - Integration of social shopping into our website through group buying and group gifting enables shoppers to interact as they shop and get the benefits such as discounts when they buy in bulk. The gifting service also includes self gifting,providing subscribing shoppers with subscription boxes periodically, with a collection of several items of interest from their wish list unknown to the shopper. The result is an exciting, enhanced and more interactive shopping experience.