Artech with our first project WOMAN :: ART

the alternate link between modeling agencies and the average lady.



Woman :: art will be a simple procedure application platform where a lady will upload her pictures from her phone device like any other app but this has a plus advantage where it will be intended for professional photoshoot, advertisement and modeling agencies looking for a different face other than models.

Problem Statement:
there are ladies who are told they have the face, feature (posture, smile e.t.c) or body of a model but ignore or neglect than advisement thinking modeling or advertisement is intended for models only. on the other hand, agencies find it difficult searching for a specific person for a product brand or photoshoot advertisement because the channels is not wide enough to reach who they want, ending up going to social media and asking for that person (e.g. age 35, banker, they have a product proposal intended for such audience).

Proposed solution:
using woman :: art platform, we intend to make selfie pictures fun like other apps but with an intention of letting agencies view the beauty side of natural looks and appeal to their specification form searching through this platform. especially genuine pics than edited ones for better clarity of a woman's beauty.

Market analysis:
we intend to capture all ages, all professions with a phase analysis, starting from university students through the events like mr and mrs university hoping will capture also those ladies with the look that agencies want other than models, then professions ; the corporate, the manager, the employer, the employee, the casual...where we intend with an upright schedule, the lady is a profession by weekday, a model by weekend. then our final audience will be the models themselves to better their market strategy from just pictorial portfolio before heading to public market appeal.

Business Model:
development (website so as to capture ladies with phones that can't upload direct to platform using mobile app, then mobile app to better the development towards the market venture) -> marketing (university > other professions > models > public) -> upgrades and maintenance to a better platform that serves all devices and web developments.

Vision Motivation:
we want to better the trust of ladies with their beauty and make them see the true sense of beauty is themselves as we also try to shorten the channel gap between modeling and advertising agencies with other professions when it comes to art.


  • Timothy Kimemia

    System Developer, Tech Enthusiast, Informaniac, Innovator, Geek