African Renewable Energy Distributor

Our mobile charging kiosk is a one stop shop for our telecom customers.



ARED offers renewable energy solution at a micro and macro level. Our first micro solution is a mobile charging kiosk called “Charja Vuba” which is a one stop shop for our telecom customers. Our primary service is the charge cell phones, but we sell airtime and cell phones and we offer mobile transfer money. This product allow people on the go or/and running out of batteries on their phone to quickly charge their phones for a small fee.
“Charja Vuba” is a revolutionary idea that will allow people on the go or with limited access to electricity to solve their charging need without having to walk miles to a charging station. Only 6% of the population in East Africa has access to electricity but around 50 to 60% of the populations own cell phones. Lack of access to electricity has limited the expansion of the mobile market.
Cell phones charging devices is a huge market 90% of all cell phone charging devices are for individual/personal usage, meaning that its only design for the one person. There is very few commercialize charging device such as readySet, ChargeBar, Gocharge, the main difference between our device and others it is the mobile capability that we incorporated
“Charja Vuba” has 2 retractable solar power 40watts each at the top, a lock system to keep the cell phones systems secure, and securing the solar panels at night, a lithium battery to store electricity mainly for night usage, a manual and motion charging capability in case of bad weather that would affect charges through solar panel.
Finally, the whole system is on wheels that will allow the device to go where the customers are. . Instead of having a stationary unit, we can go where the customers gathers such as market place, bus stop, concerts etc….


  • henri nyakarundi

    Henri grew up in Burundi, and in 1996 left for Atlanta to pursue college. While in the USA he discover his passion for entrepreneurship.